Denis Volkov

Sport psychology | Research & Education

Denis Volkov (PhD)
Lecturer, research scientist & sport psychologist

I continue research and applied work focusing on emotional experiences and mental states related to athletic performance. You can find some results here. E.g. check the Papers section.

Pay attention to my courses that I taught to university students, as well as practical materials and assignments for independent work in the Activities section. Also, check this section to find information about an applied psychology.

Keywords: applied (psychological) statistics, mathematical psychology & models, data analysis, brain-computer interface, emotional experience, self-regulation theory and practice, cognitive therapy.

Additional information: link to textbooks published by Yurait Publishing House, link to the SPSU online course on the Open Education and Coursera platforms, as well as links to my contacts at the Sports Psychology Agency

You can contact me by e-mail and instant messengers or through the social networking sites.